Month: April 2016

Hello, (nonprofit) world!

Welcome to the new Benefacts website.

In March 2015 we started to develop this database and website, and it has been a busy year.

Of course, we didn’t start from scratch. This project stands on the shoulders of pioneering work done in Trinity College Dublin ten years ago by the Centre for Nonprofit Management there, and owes a lot to the many sector leaders who have promoted the cause of greater transparency and higher standards of disclosure among nonprofits in Ireland.

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Benefacts meets sector leaders in advance of launch of

People from Benefacts staff and Board met an invited group of sector leaders in Airfield House, Dundrum on 5th April, to talk about the planned launch of the new website, and discuss the kinds of impact it might have on the nonprofit community. Also present were some members of Benefacts stakeholders forum, and Mary Sutton, director of the Atlantic Philanthropy’s Ireland office.

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