Month: May 2016

Anna Visser, social justice advocate and researcher, at the launch of with Paschal Donohoe, TD, Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform and Patricia Quinn, MD, Benefacts.

Lighting a candle, not casting a shadow – by Anna Visser

This post by Anna Visser is based on a talk on the same topic from Anna given at the Benefacts launch which you can listen to below.


I have been a member of the Benefacts stakeholder group over the past year or so. I joined the group not long after The Advocacy Initiative finished. The Advocacy Initiative was a civil society project (that I was lucky enough to run) that spent three years exploring the future of social justice advocacy and campaigning in Ireland.

There are similarities between what the Advocacy Initiative was trying to achieve and the ambitions of Benefacts. Both are about enabling the sector to respond to some of the challenges it faces; both have the potential to allow the sector to reimagine its role; and both seek to enhance understanding about the sector and its work.

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Common queries received by Benefacts

Since going live this morning, Benefacts has received some queries about nonprofits’ listings on the website. Common concerns are to do with the names of company/charity directors or trustees, and the availability and interpretation of financial data.

Read answers to these frequently-asked questions below.

Names of directors/trustees can sometimes be out of date
Benefacts acquires the names of the directors of nonprofit companies from the Companies Registration Office. At present, there’s a backlog in the CRO’s registration of this data which means that newly-appointed directors are not yet listed on Benefacts, or recently-retired ones are still reported as being members of their respective Boards. The CRO are aware of the problem. Until it’s resolved, Benefacts redacts the name of the Director on the nonprofit’s listing on on the written request of the organisation.

Exceptionally, the date of appointment of a director may have been mis-keyed at source, which results in false information appearing on Benefacts. Where a non-profit company gets in touch to point this out, or where Benefacts can see a clear anomaly, it redacts the data pending clarification with the CRO.

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