Benefacts is a non-governmental organisation that provides free public access to extensive information about the entire nonprofit sector in Ireland.

What is Benefacts?

Benefacts is a public database of civil society organisations in Ireland. For the first time in Ireland, we are providing extensive information about these organisations in a free public website.

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How does Benefacts work?

Benefacts brings together public data from many sources. Benefacts cleans, refines and publishes this data online for easy access.

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Why is this important?

Having an organised database of these organisations helps to reduce duplication of work, and promotes trust through greater disclosure of civil society organisations.

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Latest Annual Report

Benefacts Full Annual Report 2019

About Our People

Benefacts is an independent non-governmental organisation governed by a Board of directors drawn from the IT, nonprofit, philanthropy, and professional services sectors.

Benefacts is led by a team of specialists with a commitment to transforming the public’s understanding of nonprofit organisations in Ireland. The team includes people with experience in data and web production, nonprofit financial reporting and analysis, and nonprofit governance and management.

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