How does Benefacts work?

Benefacts collects public data from many public sources. We are able to do this thanks to government regulations promoting the re-use of public information. We also cooperate with sectoral monitoring bodies that oversee the use of voluntary codes for fundraising standards and for governance. All of the data we publish is used under license or under Open Data re-use principles – Benefacts does not “scrape” anyone else’s data without asking permission.

We bring together information from many sources and publish it in a harmonised format. This means for the first time, we are able to show the scale and profile of this sector in Ireland.

Benefacts sets out to be an impartial re-publisher of public information. We are not a rating service.

We actively encourage others to use the data. This means that most of the summary data published online is also available digitally as a application programme interface (API). We will respond case-by-case to requests for more detailed data.

The contents of the Benefacts database are derived from different kinds of sources. Some of the data is already machine-readable, which means that it can be imported and updated quickly and easily. Other data has to be converted into digital format - sometimes this means physically re-keying documents. We believe the value of the data justifies this effort.

We are committed to ensuring the data is faithfully reproduced, and we are very conscious of our stewardship responsibilities – contact us if you have any concerns or questions about Benefacts data.