Benefacts has a team of specialists in data management, web development, nonprofit management and governance, communications and financial analysis, who together have designed and built this database and website.

Declan Burke is the principal data architect, responsible for the design and delivery of our database and data-related services.

Myles Dolan is software design engineer, providing support to our data and web production processes.

Jeff Eldridge is principal software engineer. He is responsible for web development including Benefacts own public website and sector analysis report but also specialised web services for partners including the Charities Regulator.

Kate McCarthy is data analyst, with responsibility for drawing data together for a wide range of uses including Benefacts website as well as our sectoral and sub-sectoral analysis reports.

Paula Nyland is head of finance and operations. She overseas Benefacts financial analysis processes and is also responsible for HR and for the day-to-day management of the company.

Patricia Quinn is the founder and managing director, responsible for the leadership of the company and engagement with external stakeholders.

Ger Sweeney reports to the Board as company secretary, and she is also programme and office manager, with responsibility for events and engagement with end-users.

Benefacts expert team of financial data analysts convert the contents of financial statements into digitised data. Senior data analysts Mary Butler, Anne Holloway, Keith O’Brien and Maria Towers, work with a part-time team: Liam Cronin, Pearl Cunningham, Eileen Keegan, Teresa McEntegart, Lucy Nyland and Mary O’Neill, Mark Perham, and Colm Ryan.

James Murray, Eoghan O’Flaherty and Fiachra Robinson provide data cleaning and research support.