What is Benefacts?

Benefacts is a new database of civil society organisations in Ireland. Besides charities, this includes philanthropies, sports bodies, political, human rights and advocacy organisations, business and trade associations.

Benefacts lists more than 20,000 organisations that are separate from the private sector and from government, and that have been established for social, cultural or environmental good. Benefacts collects and re-publishes public information about civil society organisations in Ireland.

Civil Society Organisations in Ireland
Civil Society Organisations in Ireland

The Benefacts database includes every civil society organisation that falls within the definition which we have adopted. For the first time, information about this entire sector is available on a free public website.

Benefacts is itself an independent, non-governmental organisation. We believe that by making data about nonprofits more accessible we are serving the interests both of citizens and of citizen-led organisations but we do not represent any sectoral interest, and we have no regulatory powers or responsibilities.

Read more about our governance and our funding, and download a copy of our constitution and our first annual report.