Why is Benefacts important?

Making Irish nonprofits more accessible and transparent

Few people realise the size and scope of civil society action in Ireland. Benefacts has built a system, modelled on Guidestar, which for the first time creates a single point of online access to the entire nonprofit sector and keeps it up to date.

Besides collecting and collating public data, we have provided a link to the website of every organisation listed – where we could find one – and classified them using an internationally-recognised standard.

In these ways, we aim to make all Irish nonprofits more accessible and transparent.

Reducing bureaucratic duplication

Providing people with ready access to data is not the only purpose of benefacts.ie. Most nonprofit organisations are required to make multiple returns to regulators, funders, and monitors of voluntary codes, on an annual basis, usually involving some duplicate information. This is wasteful.

We believe in the “file once-only” principle and we would like to be part of the solution that delivers this for nonprofits in Ireland.

Providing data to decision-makers

Benefacts provides free access to daily-updated data about the purposes, governance and financial profile of nonprofits where this data is available from a public source. You can view it on benefacts.ie or download it as an application programme interface (API).

Until now, gathering data to support decision-making in the nonprofit sector has been a time-consuming and costly process – whether for nonprofit directors and managers, public officials, donors or researchers. For the first time, Benefacts will provide the data to support comparative and trend analysis nationally and internationally, and will enable anyone interested in this sector to understand its scale and profile in comparison with other significant sectors in the Irish economy.

Making additional data available

The information we publish online is only a fraction of the data imported into the Benefacts database, and it’s updated all the time. As this accumulates over the years, the Benefacts database will form a valued source of trend information for directors and managers of non-profit businesses. Anybody is welcome to contact us to ask for the full set of data for their own organisation in the form of a digital file.

Working in cooperation with sector leaders and public bodies, Benefacts is exploring other ways the data can be put to work – contact us if you have any ideas.

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