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Almost 20,000 Nonprofits in our New Website Release!

We have just added 704 additional nonprofits to the Benefacts Database of Irish Nonprofits, which increases the number of Irish nonprofits you can find here from 18,586 up to 19,290.

Now included in the database are:

Our thanks to the Registrar of Friendly Societies and the Librarian of the Houses of the Oireachtas for their help in getting a lot of this data online for the first time!

Benefacts Open Datasets

As well as adding new organisations to the scope of the database, we’ve released an open dataset about all of the nonprofits in the Benefacts Database of Irish Nonprofits. We’ll be keeping this live which means it will get updated every day as we feed fresh data that we in turn acquire from 8 public sources.

The data is provided in “open” formats – this means that it can be universally and readily accessed and downloaded, and is also machine-readable. Benefacts Open Datasets can now be downloaded here, and we also publish daily updated files to the Government’s Open Data portal. is now 6 months live

Since going live in May 2016, more than 25,000 unique visitors have accessed our site for data about Irish nonprofits.  We’re marking the anniversary with some design and content updates to the website.

Tell us what you think

We’ve updated the homepage to make it more user-friendly and we have further developments to the website planned in coming months – watch this space!

We are always interested in your thoughts about our website please tell us what you think of what you’ve seen so far and also stay tuned as we are rolling out a user survey next week.

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Since it went live in May 2016, Benefacts has had lots of useful feedback from nonprofits listed on Some people want to know more about where the data comes from, and why it’s occasionally not comprehensive or up to date.

Fresh every day

Benefacts relies heavily on data provided by nonprofits to their regulators, mainly the CRO, and the Charities Regulator. We update the Database of Irish Nonprofits every day.

Most of the time, our data matches what’s on the public record, but sometimes it takes a while for the regulators to register new filings, and this delay is reflected on They are aware of the issue and are cooperating with us to address anomalies wherever we find them. Bear with us, and please contact us if you have concerns about anything that appears on your Benefacts listing.

More and better financial data

Benefacts extracts a lot of highly relevant information from the financial statements of nonprofits in the Database of Irish Nonprofits. Sometimes, this doesn’t include a breakdown of the sources of government funding. We illustrate this on the listing of every nonprofit, where the data is published in the accounts.

Some nonprofits have asked us to improve on what they filed in their 2014 financial statements, with a breakdown of funding sources. We are happy to update the record and publish the new information, so long as this is provided in a letter from the Directors. Ask us if this is something you would like to explore.

Non-regulatory data

Not everything on is derived from a regulatory source. We went looking for the URL of every nonprofit in our database, and we found most of them. Inevitably, these go out of date from time to time, and we check on this periodically. If your organisation has a URL that is different to what is currently listed – or it’s missing altogether – email us and we’ll fix it.

We also provided a classification code for every nonprofit, so that we could help people to get a better understanding of this sector. Read more about this in our knowledge basetell us if you’re not happy with the classification we assigned, we’re keen to get this right.

Common queries received by Benefacts

Since going live this morning, Benefacts has received some queries about nonprofits’ listings on the website. Common concerns are to do with the names of company/charity directors or trustees, and the availability and interpretation of financial data.

Read answers to these frequently-asked questions below.

Names of directors/trustees can sometimes be out of date
Benefacts acquires the names of the directors of nonprofit companies from the Companies Registration Office. At present, there’s a backlog in the CRO’s registration of this data which means that newly-appointed directors are not yet listed on Benefacts, or recently-retired ones are still reported as being members of their respective Boards. The CRO are aware of the problem. Until it’s resolved, Benefacts redacts the name of the Director on the nonprofit’s listing on on the written request of the organisation.

Exceptionally, the date of appointment of a director may have been mis-keyed at source, which results in false information appearing on Benefacts. Where a non-profit company gets in touch to point this out, or where Benefacts can see a clear anomaly, it redacts the data pending clarification with the CRO.

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