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Frequently Asked Questions

We have sorted our Frequently Asked Questions into five groups so that you can find the answer to your question more easily.

Benefacts Knowledge Base

Use the Benefacts Knowledge Base to learn more about nonprofit organisations working in Ireland.

Directory and Governance Data

Benefacts draws on various sources for information about Irish nonprofit organisations, and it adds some information as well.

How Benefacts classifies Irish nonprofits

Benefacts has set out to make Irish civil society organisations and their work more accessible and more comprehensible.

How Irish nonprofits are regulated

Civil society organisations come in many forms and are subject to a wide variety of public regulation.

Irish charities and tax relief

Under Irish law, charities and other approved bodies may apply for relief from payment of certain taxes.

The scope of the Benefacts database

Benefacts uses a definition of civil society to mean individuals and organisations that do not form part of the public or private sectors.

Using data from audited financial statements

The financial information on the Benefacts website comes from the financial statements produced by nonprofits themselves.

Voluntary Codes and Standards in the Irish nonprofit sector

In recent years, nonprofits in Ireland have developed a number of voluntary codes as a means of promoting public confidence.